Enhance Team Performance with DISC Assessments

DISC Team Assessments provide unparalleled insights into factors that inform your team culture. Apply these powerful insights to increase collaboration, boost productivity and positively impact employee morale.


What is Team Profiling?

No matter how small or large your team is, understanding the balance of behavioural styles and dynamics is integral to a happy and productive team. A team consists of people performing various tasks under a shared space while interacting with people who have different behavioural styles. Knowing how the members of the team think, feel, and work makes it much easier to function effectively as a group. Extended DISC® team profiles enhance workplace cohesion, increase productivity, work satisfaction, team member self-esteem and decrease stress and anxiety.

The Team Analysis provides organisations with a clear, easy-to-use framework to understand complex team issues quickly, to solve problems and to improve performance and communication. It also creates a safe environment to discuss challenging topics productively. The Team Analysis provides a big picture that enables confident decision making.

The Extended DISC® Team Analysis is a team profiling tool that combines all the individual assessment results into one report. It shows the team dynamics, the strengths and development areas of the team. It illustrates how the team members are adjusting their behaviours in the existing work environment. Team Analysis can assess many individuals simultaneously, in one report. As a result, it enables organisations to perform various, more complicated analyses very cost-effectively.

DISC Team Assessments provide unparalleled insights into factors that inform your team culture. Apply these powerful insights to increase collaboration, boost productivity and positively impact employee morale. 

Why is team profiling important in the workplace?

Businesses rely on teams to tackle projects in many different business areas. The success of any organisation is driven by having the necessary scope of behavioural styles to cover the goals and tasks of a project. Team profiles assist managers in assigning projects and delegating specific tasks based on the natural behavioural preference of the team members. Drawing on the strengths of the team helps to enhance team productivity and maximise the natural skills of the group.

Extended DISC® Team Assessments help organisations to understand a team's strengths and weaknesses better and provide a complete picture of the group. The team assessment describes the contribution each member brings to the group. Recognise whether employees drive the team forward or support others. Use the Extended DISC® Team Assessment to understand how to enhance team performance with assessments in the workplace.

Insights from team profiling help business leaders to:

  • motivate team members
  • understand how the members can make the best contribution
  • work with others who operate differently
  • optimise the diverse strengths of the team
  • enhance communication
  • mitigate conflict and solve problems
  • deliver objective, constructive, and workplace-focused feedback

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Tools used during team assessments and profiling

We provide several team profiling tools to support teams to work cohesively and productively. 

DISC Team Assessments

The Extended DISC Team Assessment is a tool that combines all the individual assessment results into one report. It displays team member personalities, team dynamics, team roles, the strengths and development areas of the team.

The assessment illustrates problem areas in a group and provides actionable team insights in a clear, easy-to-use framework. Team assessment results provide an excellent starting point to discuss challenging topics productively and in a safe environment.

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Communication Assessments

Communication is an essential aspect of any business. Effective communication between team members can significantly improve productivity levels, the success of the company as well as the bottom line.

We recommend integrating our Communication Assessments with the DISC Team Assessment to highlight strengths and development areas of an individuals communication style. The communication assessment also includes tips to help an individual better communicate with different DISC styles.

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How team profiling can impact culture and growth

True business success is the result of productive and cohesive teams. Some teams work efficiently and effectively together, while others encounter breakdowns leading to internal conflict and reduced output. These team issues can have a severe impact on team culture and growth.

There are many contributing factors to breakdowns within the team. One of the main reasons is the interaction between different DISC personalities within an organisation. Extended DISC® Team Assessments cultivate cohesive teams by providing a common understanding of each others' DISC styles. Team members learn to work effectively with others and understand how each other operates.

Learning what frustrates your employees or what helps them feel comfortable in a team environment can increase productivity and improve workplace culture. Conducting a DISC team assessment with your peers can also help you identify the group culture. Using team assessments organisations recognise barriers to cohesion and learn how to overcome these issues. They also help ensure the group remains united and working productively towards a common goal.

How to use team profiling when growing teams?

Any business leader knows that an organisation is only as good as the people it employs. As an organisation expands, this becomes more complicated than "hiring the best people". New employees need to fit into teams and work well with others. Whether you are forming a new team, or looking to develop the skills of your existing teams, navigating the various behavioural styles of your workforce is complicated at the best of times. 

Extended DISC® team profiles are especially valuable in a hiring situation when you are recruiting someone into an existing team. The team assessments allow you to predict how a new hire will fit into a team and gain better insight into how they will function in any group situation. Using team assessments, leaders and consultants can identify any potential conflicts before they arise and make more confident decisions regarding the team. 

Team Reports are helpful when creating teams, upskilling teams and producing high performing teams. Team leaders will find the Extended DISC® Team Analysis helpful when leading a new group of people. They will identify their natural behavioural style and recognise if they are working in that area without effectively adjusting. They will gain insight into how to adapt their style to better communicate with team members, what tasks a member might need support to handle and where to watch for stress on the team.

Each of the main DISC styles benefits the team differently, and a variety of styles across various team members can help to ensure that the team performs effectively. Team reports allow organisations to conduct a gaps analysis and identify complementary and convergent DISC styles. This ensures teams are fully engaged and mindfully working with one another.

The insights from the team profile contributes to DISC team building workshops. DISC based team workshops are a fun and collaborative way to build trust, rapport, and cohesion within new, developing and established teams.

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